Graham & McNeney Labs

Current Members

Undergraduate Students



  1. Nirodha Epasinghege Dona, PhD 2024: Senior Data Analyst, BC Ministry of Health, Vancouver BC.
  2. Payman Nickchi, PhD 2024: Postdoctoral research and teaching fellow, Master of Data Science Program, UBC.
  3. Pulindu Ratnasekera, PhD 2023: Lecturer, Statistics, Indiana University, Bloomington IN.
  4. Daisy Yu, PhD 2023; MSc 2019: Statistician, Government of Alberta, Edmonton AB.
  5. Tianyu Yang, MSc 2023: Statistical Consultant, Vancouver BC.
  6. ZS, MSc 2022: Bioinformatics Statistical Analyst, EMMES Canada, Vancouver BC.
  7. Christina Nieuwoudt, PhD 2021: Senior Biostatistician, EMMES Canada, Vancouver BC.
  8. Charith (Bhagya) Karunarathna, PhD 2021: Senior Statistician, BC Renal at Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver BC.
  9. Gloria Yang, MSc 2021: PhD student, Statistics and Actuarial Science, SFU.
  10. Coco Liu, MSc 2020: Research Statistician, PRECISIONheor, Vancouver BC.
  11. Siyuan Chen, MSc 2020: PhD student, Biostatistics, Penn State University, State College PA.
  12. Haoyao Ruan, MSc 2019: Research Consultant, Cytel, Toronto ON.
  13. JinCheol Choi, MSc 2018: Biostatistician, BC Centre for Substance Use, Vancouver BC.
  14. Dilshani Induruwage, MSc 2017: Statistician, BC Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver BC.
  15. Jiying Wen, MSc 2016: Data Scientist, Amazon, Seattle WA.
  16. Khalif Halani, MSc 2016: Senior Biostatistician, EMMES Canada, Vancouver BC.
  17. Joanna Lubieniecka, PDF 2016: Research Scientist, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Department of Human Genetics, Bochum Germany
  18. Elena Szefer, MSc 2014: Senior Coordinator, Data Collection and Analysis, First Nations Health Authority, Victoria BC
  19. Maria Santiago, MSc 2013: Biostatistician,  Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON.
  20. Dilinuer Kuerban, MSc 2013: Biostatistician, Praxis Spinal Cord Institute, Vancouver BC.
  21. Jie Liu, MSc 2012: Credit Risk Analyst, JP Morgan Chase, Wilmington, DE.
  22. Ji-Hyung (Jean) Shin, PhD 2012; MSc 2004; NSERC USRA 2001: Research Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON.
  23. Kelly Burkett, PhD 2011;  MSc 2002: Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, U of Ottawa, ON.
  24. Annick Nembot Simo, PhD student 2010-2011: Data Scientist, Georgia Policy Labs, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.
  25. Jeong Eun Min, MSc 2009: Senior Statistician, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS), Vancouver BC.
  26. Flora Qu, MSc 2009: Genetic Statistician, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle WA.
  27. Linnea Duke, MSc 2007: Medical Doctor, Department of Pathology, McGill University, Montréal QC.
  28. Zhijian Chen, MSc  2006:  PhD Statistics, University of Waterloo; current position Risk Modeller, Alibaba Group, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China.
  29. David Zamar, MSc 2006: Data Scientist, School of Population and Public Health, UBC, Vancouver BC.
  30. Mercedeh Ghadessi, MSc 2005: Director, Principal Statistician in Biomarker and Data insight at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Morris Plains, NJ.
  31. Karey Shumansky, MSc 2005: Data Scientist, Shopify, Oakland CA.